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  Tyler-Niland Landscapes Ltd.


Rain or shine, hot or cold, a stylish Louvered Roof makes any outdoor space a year-round outdoor living area that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing. With the touch of a button, louvers go from fully open to fully shut for the ultimate shade/cover solution. Our quality systems are manufactured from extruded aluminum here in New Zealand


Planning & Design

 You are looking to buy a pergola, patio cover, carport, or outdoor or façade elements, our experienced design team will provide you with professional advice. They will be pleased to fully explain all the options and calculate the exact price depending on your requirements. After all, each outdoor project is bespoke and designed according to your preferences.                                              



Tyler-Niland manages the entire process from the date of purchase to the final sign off. We employ experienced trades staff. We operate a comprehensive onsite safety protocol to keep everyone safe throughout the installation. We will coordinate all sub trades and provide the g/tees.


  System supplier



 How to Buy

Please Complete the Purchase information form and we will contact you. We will first provide an estimate of cost which will be based from a set of simple on site measurements. Factors that will influence price are the geographical location and access to the work site. Once the estimate is confirmed as accepted then a contract for a fixed priced to supply and install the work is completed and the work then scheduled.